Eyegrade 0.3 released!

I've just released eyegrade 0.3. The main changes in this version are:

  • Previously, exams could only be reviewed immediately after capturing them. Now you can review the exams, change answers or change the student id any time you open the session.
  • A consequence of the previous change is that now grading does not start automatically when the session is opened. Once you open a session, you can view or edit the exams you have already graded, or click on the Start grading action in the menu / toolbar in order to start grading more exams.
  • The graphical user interface is now prepared for translations. This release features an interface in English, Spanish, Galician and Catalan. Volunteers for other languages are welcome.
  • There are changes to the layout of the graphical user interface. There is a vertical area at the left were the thumbnails of the exams graded for this session are displayed. In addition, there is a new status bar at the bottom.
  • Other fixes.

Be aware that the sessions created with eyegrade 0.3 are not compatible with previous versions. Conversely, sessions created with previous versions cannot be opened with eyegrade 0.3. The reason is that now session are stored internally as a SQLite database and store more information about the exams than the previous versions.

If you have installed eyegrade through git, you can easily update the program from versions in the series 0.2.x by executing the command git pull from inside the directory in which eyegrade is installed.

If you find bugs or problems with this new release, please open an issue at the GitHub project page, or just let me know by commenting on this post or sending me an email.


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