Requests for Eyegrade 0.3

I'm planning the next major release (0.3) of Eyegrade for September. There are some features I have in mind, but listening to the users from time to time does not harm ;) If there is a feature you are especially interested in, just let me know by commenting on this post.

Apart from some polishing here and there, these are things I'm thinking about:

  • Right now, you can review and fix detection errors in an exam only at the moment you scan it. What if you discover an error later on? It think it would be great if the interface allowed you to open a grading session anytime later and use the same reviewing/fixing features. This feature would probably include a list of students and grades in the interface, so that you can quickly access the exam of a specific student.
  • A user interface for entering the questions of an exam, creating the PDFs, etc. This would probably include dropping LaTeX in favor of something else (my main option is the ReportLab library). Using the current command-line interface and LaTeX would still be possible, but not the preferred method.
  • Making life easier for users that only want to use Eyegrade for grading, but not for creating the exams. I include here features such as creating a .eye file through guided dialogues or creating the PDF of a personalized answer sheet in the user interface. It's about time to close issue 36.
  • Adapting the user interface for multiple languages. I can start with an English, Spanish and Galician interface, and wait for volunteers to translate it to other tongues.

I won't have time for all the features in the list, so you can help me to prioritize. Of course, you can also request features not in the list ;)


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