What will eyegrade 0.5 include? (part 1)

Apart from fixing some minor issues here and there, I'm currently busy adding some new features to eyegrade. Some of them are already integrated into the development branch at GitHub. The plan is releasing them with eyegrade 0.5 sometime in January. I'm not sure yet which new features will make it into the release but, starting with this post, I'll describe some of them once they are more or less ready.

The first feature I'll talk about is actually a fix for a counter-intuitive behavior of the right-side view of exams (the one I introduced in eyegrade 0.3 that shows miniatures of the exams that have been graded in the current session). Up to now, the miniature was not immediately updated when the webcam captured a new exam or you edited something on a previously graded exam. It was updated later, when you changed to another exam or started to grade a new one. That was somewhat confusing for many users. From version 0.5 onward the miniatures will get updated immediately when the webcam captures a new exam or you edit an exam. I believe that having that immediate feedback will improve the overall user experience.

More posts will follow with the description of other new features.


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