Eyegrade 0.9 released!

Eyegrade 0.9 has been released! This release includes new features for creating exams:

  • Questions can be grouped, so that questions within a group keep their relative order. The group gets shuffled as a block with the rest of groups and questions that don't belong to any group. Check how to group questions at the user guide.
  • It's possible to define questions with several variations, so that variations are randomly selected for each model of the exam. Each variation can be defined as a whole question, or all the variations can be defined once with a dependency on some parameters. The values of those parameters would define the variation. It's also possible to assign a specific variation to a model, instead of letting it be randomly assigned. Check how to define variations at the user guide.
  • Choices can be fixed to be always at the first or last position of the question. The rest of choices of the question get shuffled. Check how to fix choice positions at the user guide.

Another new feature is the possibility to flip the webcam image, either horizontally or vertically. This is done from the camera selection dialog. The reason for this feature is that a user reported that in their system the image appeared flipped, making it impossible to grade exams. This features allows users to reversed that when that happens.

As always, this version includes bug fixes and code refactoring.

Check the quick start guide for instructions on how to install and try this new version, or read the new version of the user guide at the documentation page.

Access the binary files for this release at the downloads page.


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