Improved documentation about how to edit an exam with LaTeX

The official way of editting your exams for Eyegrade consists of creating an XML file with the questions, running on it the create_exam script provided by Eyegrade and compiling the resulting files with LaTeX in order to get the final PDF documents.

Although exams can also be edited with a word processor such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word (see Creating the exams in a word processor), following the official way has some advantages:

  • Eyegrade shuffles the questions and produces several models with different question orderings.
  • Eyegrade creates the exam configuration file (the .eye file) automatically.
  • LaTeX-style equations may be used inside the questions.

However, editing an XML file and dealing with LaTeX may scare some users that are more used to graphical word processors. In order to make the procedure more approachable, the user manual describes now more in depth how to edit exams the official way in the section Editing exams. Suggestions on how to improve that section further are most welcome.


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