Preview of the improved new-session dialog

I've been working on the new session dialog. Now it is a wizard with three pages. The main novelties are that:

  • You can now select more than one student list. All of them are used when detecting the student id.
  • You can now enter the scores for correct and incorrect answers. If the exam configuration file already contains the scores, you'll see them as default values. In addition, you can let Eyegrade choose appropriate values for you, by just entering the maximum score of the exam and choosing whether incorrect answers should penalize or not.

You can try the new dialog in the development branch at GitHub, and see it this screenshots gallery!

Screenshot of a page of the new session dialog

This new dialog will appear in the 0.2 release. I have in mind for a future release the possibility of entering the exam configuration from the new session dialog, as an alternative to reading it from a file. This may be handy for users who do not create the exam with the command line tools that Eyegrade provides.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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